Welchenhausen in Germany is located in such a place that across the Our River, on which it lies, is Oberhausen in Belgium. To the west is Luxembourg.

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Münstermaifeld Collegiate Church of St. Martin and St. Severus

Passing absolutely by chance and unprepared (as it happens to me very often) by the church, dedicated to Saint Martin and Saint Severus of Ravenna in Münstermaifeld, on my way to Eltz Castle, I came also across some kind of private event inside that didn’t allow me to take sufficient photographs of the place. But these could give you an idea of the interior as well.

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Burg Eltz/Eltz Castle

Eltz Castle was recommended to me by an American and apparently, this is their favorite destination as the place was full of American tourists during my visit. I can understand the interest of the Americans in the Old Continent. I always recall one story that is told by Fellini in the book „I, Fellini“, by Charlotte Chandler: during one of his visits in the USA, he asked for a studio in an old building to be placed at his disposal. They immediately found one for him – in a building that was 5 years old.

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St. Peter’s Church in Beho

As I said in the publication about Bastogne, the little Church of St. Peter in Beho is the great masterpiece of the Bastogne sculptor Jean Georges Scholtus to me (though, not the only one at all), and it still holds one of the top positions in my personal classification of favorite churches. Maybe it is because of its modest appearance that leads to the wow-effect when you enter it, or maybe because of its obscure mysterious history.

In „Ardennes/Eifel, ein Garten Europas“, by Greven Verlag Köln, 1964, it is said that it was searched in vain for an explanation about why none of the tourist guides utters a word about this site. But maybe it just has to remain exactly this way…

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One of the purposes of my blog is to show how on every corner, from every stone and every little settlement peeps out great history. One typical example is Prüm – today a nice and very calm little town, but an independent principality in the past, and earlier – extremely rich and powerful Carolingian Imperial Abbey that was an important authority factor in the surrounding аrea.

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