It is still a subject of dispute whether the located on both sides of the Meuse/Maas River Maastricht is the oldest or the second oldest (next to Nijmegen) city in the Netherlands. It is the second to Amsterdam regarding the number of heritage sites.

During my very short visit in town, I have hardly seen much of it.

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There is something very mysterious about the small town of Ulflingen/Ëlwen/Troisvierges that remains unnoticed. It is its name in the first place. The German name Ulflingen, by which it was known from its very beginning (mentioned for the first time in 1353), as well as the Luxembourg Ëlwen, derives from the word for ‘elves’ and refers to the old folk tales about the founding of the town by elves.

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Château de Farnières/Farnières Castle

Belgium is one of the countries or the country with the highest density of castles per square kilometer. In an area of 30 520 km², there are 3 000 castles, between 300 and 400 of which (according to different sources) are open to the public. And sometimes, traveling on the Belgian routes you could get astonished how frequently from the left and from the right crop up more and more beautiful monumental buildings.

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