Received city status in 1331, Durbuy is officially considered the smallest town in the world. It isn’t absolutely clear, whether this definition is completely precise, but this is the title announced on the sign board at the entrance of the town. And as if to confirm it, the town of Durbuy (or more precisely, its old core dating from the 17th century) Continue reading



I’ve passed through Dinant quite recently for a second time only to confirm how beautiful are the towns built near great rivers. Not only because ‘water is life’ (and I, as a highly sensitive person, am attracted to it in particular) but also because the water transport and trade had supported the rapid economic growth and thus, the wealthy shaping of these settlements many centuries ago.

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Blankenheim was first mentioned in a document from AD 721 as ‘Blancio’ in connection with its donation to the Prüm Abbey by its founder – Bertrada of Prüm (the great-grandmother of Charlemagne). And in the view of its long history, he is also something like a ‘museum-settlement’ – in whichever direction you turn, you will see cultural monuments (in practice, this is not something new in Western Europe).

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