Kasselburg Castle

The history of Kasselburg Castle is not very clear too. It is assumed that it was built in the 12th century. It is documented that during the 13th (the end of the 13th century) and the 14th centuries, it was owned by the Counts of Blankenheim. From the middle of the 15th century, it was a property of the Trier Archbishop, and so on and so forth in a long row of owners of the castle. It is also not clear when exactly it had begun to get reduced to ruins – whether it was at the end of the 17th or at the end of the 18th century…

In any case, it was restored at the end of the 19th with funds from the construction of the railway.


The castle consists of Romanesque to Late Gothic parts dating from the 13th, 14th, and the 15th century.

Kasselburg Aussentor

The outer portal.

Kasselburg Wohnturm.jpg

The eight-storey, 37-metre-high tower house is from the middle of the 14th century.

Kasselburg Wohnturm (3)

Kasselburg Wohnturm (2)

The tower house (a double-tower) with the second portal.

Kasselburg Vorburg.jpg

The outer bailey was extended after 1450 when it passed into the hands of the Trier Archbishop.

Kasselburg Palas

This is the palace building – a three-storey building constructed by the Count of Blankenheim, with its window lintels with Gothic tracery. It was the main building of the medieval castle.

Kasselburg Bergfried Palas

The castle to the right, and the bergfried/keep/donjon to the left, which is the oldest part of the castle.

Kasselburg Kapelle

The castle chapel.

Kasselburg (7)

The tower house.

Kasselburg Wohnturm (4)

Kasselburg Bergfried

View of the keep from the top of the double-tower.

Today it is not the value of the castle as a historical monument with its construction, not typical of the area (and very well preserved as well), that draws the attention of the tourists, but rather the organized attractions linked to the animals raised on its territory. The servant woman at the entrance literally dug out for me a brochure with the construction history of the castle, which made me think that these brochures are not given very often.

However, numerous families with little children were there in order to watch the show with rapacious birds.

Kasselburg Greifvogelpark (3)

Kasselburg Greifvogelpark (2).jpg

Kasselburg Greifvogelpark

Kasselburg Greifvogelpark (4)

Kasselburg Wolfspark.jpg

The other ‘show’ is the feeding of the wolves, which I didn’t attend and I’m glad I didn’t do it.

I don’t know if you had an idea what the feeding of a pack of wolves is like, and this is the biggest pack of wolves in Western Europe at that (as it is said on the website of the wild park).

Kasselburg Tierpark

Kasselburg Tierpark (2)

In the park are raised also boars with their numerous youngs, dwarf goats, fallow deer, and so on.




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