Beaufort Castle

Beaufort Castle was a water castle with two curtain walls, the history of which can be traced through many centuries. Its oldest parts stand on the foundations of a Roman Castel (Castellum Belfurti).

Chateau de Beaufort.jpg

The construction of the castle began around 1150, and after the first documented owner, Walter of Wiltz and Beaufort followed a series of consecutive owners who are listed in detail in the tourist brochure of the site.

The main entrance to the inner castle, provided with a bretèche (brattice), dates from 1380.

Chateau de Beaufort (5).jpg

chateau-de-beaufort-6A guardroom.


Winding stairs of sandstone in the Renaissance wing of the castle, dating from around 1500.

Chateau de Beaufort (8).jpg

A gate, seen from the oldest part of the castle.

Chateau de Beaufort (9).jpg

One little inhabitant of the castle ruins.


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