Modave Castle

Let’s drop the religious stuff for a while and enjoy the remarkable Modave Castle – my favorite Belgian castle. Modave Castle is such a hidden pearl that deserves even a second visit so that I could this time have the chance to listen more attentively to the audio-guide and to the historical facts about it instead of only taking photographs. Continue reading


Spa…. it sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Yes, this is the word used to indicate all balneological procedures, but it derives from the name of the Belgian town of Spa – known as early as the Roman times for its medicinal thermal springs. ‘Sparsa Fontana’/’Running Fountain’ is one of the Continue reading

St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church, Ouren

On the track of the Knights Templar – part 2

Even though there is only one place that is officially linked to the Knights Templar, and it is on German territory, a great number of legends circulate in the surrounding area – South East Belgium – as well (and I believe that where there’s smoke, there’s fire), referring to numerous Templar castles and monasteries vanished overnight into thin air after the dissolution of the Order; to buried church bells and treasures that no one could find to this very day; and also to extremely heavy chests that had been found, but then they had  Continue reading

Chapel of St. Bartholomew, Wiesenbach

On the track of the Knights Templar – part 1

I want to show you one simple place, yet at the same time, a place of great sacral importance. Because just as the Grail of Indiana Jones wasn’t gold and jeweled, but was just a simple clay cup, the most valuable things aren’t shiny and do not catch the eye.

In the guide-book of the East Cantons in Belgium, by Jean-Marc Gay and Jean-Marc Huygen, the Chapel of St. Bartholomew in Wiesenbach is defined as one of the most significant treasures of Continue reading


I am beginning the series „oldest cities“ (not some of the oldest but the oldest). I just feel that I can’t continue showing unpopular places in these three countries – Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany (for Germany it will be part II), if I don’t show now its origins, so to speak.

So, Tongeren in the Flemish Region of Belgium is the oldest city in that country, founded by Continue reading