St. Anne’s Church, Düren/Annakirche, Düren

In the 8th century, there was a Königspfalz/royal palace in Düren in the place where today St. Anne’s Church stands. Düren is one of the presumable birthplaces of Charlemagne. 748 was the year when the first chapel was mentioned.

In 1501, the relics of St. Anne were stolen from the St. Stephen Church in Mainz and brought to Continue reading


Parish Church of the Assumption, Neundorf/Pfarrkirche Maria Himmelfahrt

On the track of the former pagan places of worship

Another village church, another site with interesting history. Neundorf was first mentioned in AD 888 as Nova Villa – a Frankish Königshof (royal palace). The church was first mentioned in 1130 and its tower is still preserved from that time. Continue reading


I was so excited to visit the property of Godfrey of Bouillon, whose figure is wrapped in so many myths and mysteries. Well, what is true and what is false – we will never find out. As we’ve already seen, we don’t remember or truly understand our history from the past 100-200 years. Nowadays in Bulgaria, there are no longer any records about certain affairs from Continue reading