Stiftskirche Kyllburg/Collegiate Church of Kyllburg

After reading about the Divine Feminine, about all these significant Notre-Dame temples/temples dedicated to Our Lady, the ‘not accidental’ devotion of the ‘not accidental’ person Bernard of Clairvaux to Mary, and so on, I’m now looking at these temples with new eyes. Behind the figure of the Virgin Mary stands an ancient Continue reading



„Vianden“ derives from the Gallic word „vien“, which means „rocky“. That little town with less than 2000 inhabitants is in the warmer months so flooded with tourists or with just taking a walk neighbors from the neighboring Germany and Belgium, that people can hardly pass each other on the narrow pavements and would wonder in which densely populated city they have arrived.

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Trier – part I

My journey didn’t begin with Trier, but I want to begin my blog with it because this is my favorite town in Germany. Not only because of its ancient history and its beauty, but also because of its atmosphere. If it is true that the inhabitants of every one of the 16 federal states in Germany differ from one another, then the residents of Rhineland-Palatinate may turn out to be very pleasant people…

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