St. Anne’s Church, Düren/Annakirche, Düren

In the 8th century, there was a Königspfalz/royal palace in Düren in the place where today St. Anne’s Church stands. Düren is one of the presumable birthplaces of Charlemagne. 748 was the year when the first chapel was mentioned.

In 1501, the relics of St. Anne were stolen from the St. Stephen Church in Mainz and brought to Continue reading


Parish Church of the Assumption, Neundorf/Pfarrkirche Maria Himmelfahrt

On the track of the former pagan places of worship

Another village church, another site with interesting history. Neundorf was first mentioned in AD 888 as Nova Villa – a Frankish Königshof (royal palace). The church was first mentioned in 1130 and its tower is still preserved from that time. Continue reading


I had to visit the beautiful medieval castle village of Kronenburg twice. That was because the first time it was during the days of the Christmas market when the streets were filled up with people and I couldn’t see anything of the settlement but hardly passing each other people on the narrow, cobbled streets or drinking Glühwein around numerous tables.

The second time, it was a couple of weeks before the Christmas market, and the difference was Continue reading

Our Lady’s Basilica in Avioth

I’ve crossed the French border twice – once from Belgian and once from the German side. Both times, the effect was striking. It was as if I have crossed an invisible barrier or directly a wall behind which there was an entirely different world. Everything was different – the atmosphere, and somehow even the air… When crossing the border for the second time, I decided that this „distinction in the air“ (it is quite difficult to explain that feeling) was due to the different pastel colors of the houses in France. Continue reading