Burg Eltz/Eltz Castle

Eltz Castle was recommended to me by an American and apparently, this is their favorite destination as the place was full of American tourists during my visit. I can understand the interest of the Americans in the Old Continent. I always recall one story that is told by Fellini in the book „I, Fellini“, by Charlotte Chandler: during one of his visits in the USA, he asked for a studio in an old building to be placed at his disposal. They immediately found one for him – in a building that was 5 years old.

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„Vianden“ derives from the Gallic word „vien“, which means „rocky“. That little town with less than 2000 inhabitants is in the warmer months so flooded with tourists or with just taking a walk neighbors from the neighboring Germany and Belgium, that people can hardly pass each other on the narrow pavements and would wonder in which densely populated city they have arrived.

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