Little France on the Meuse River, the Fervent City, Little Palermo, the City of Charlemagne and George Simenon – this is part of the epithets of Liège, my favorite Belgian city. Of course, there are so many beautiful Belgian cities, but, you know, it is all about the atmosphere and the spirit that they are carrying.

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Château de Jehay/Jehay Castle

Too many historical facts in the previous publication, so let’s have a break with one representative of my greatest weakness – the castles. I like the Belgian castles in particular because they exhale such a specific tang of refinement. Besides, photography is allowed inside (at least in the ones visited by me so far), unlike the castles in Germany (again, it’s about the visited ones so far, with only one exception). Yet Jehay Castle is closed for reconstruction. And this is very unfortunate, as the castle is described as exceptionally rich and beautiful. So, we have to wait until its reopening.

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